The careness shown in the design and installation of stational and mobile the concrete batching plants , after purchasing process presenting technical service and maintenance services to the customers continuously for twenty-four hours, has made MUSTAM Concrete Plants become a eminent brand in this field.

We are working with leading brands which are world giant in the production of stationary concrete batching plants, mobile concrete plants and compact concrete plants. The valves and vibrators used in the construction of mobile and stationary concrete plants are WAM / ÖZBAKOĞU, pneumatic-hydraulic valves and pneumatic cylinders are FESTO / PEMAX, and all the materials used in the automation system are SIEMENS / SCHNEIDER brand. Unique products have been produced by using a combination of experience and superior technology in stationary concrete batching plants and other concrete plants.

MUSTAM stationary concrete batching plants, with low operating and maintenance costs, fast service and spare parts, high performance and durability in all weather conditions, optional coating options, satisfies customers’ expectations. Mixers used in concrete plants are usually single-shaft, planet and twin-shaft. These mixers are very durable with helical mixing arms,easy to operate with their compact structure and have long life span.

MUSTAM Concrete Plants, focusing its reliability and quality on full customer satisfaction, with its spare part experts and after-sales service team continuously develops itself in order to find solutions instantly to any problems that its customers would face . There are spare parts and service points all over the world.