In MUSTAM INDUSTRIAL Concrete Plants; TEKNO and MAC-SYSTEM Concrete Plant Automation Systems are used. System Control is provided by LION, LION PLUS or HAWK (Control Panel), designed by Turkish Engineers.

The PLC Modules used in system control work only as an interface. Indicators used in weight measurement are fast, sensitive and have high class of accuracy and high technology.Switchgear materials used in MCC control panel are SIEMENS brand. All control cables inside the control panel are labeled on the connection points. In this way, fault detection and tracking can be made easier.

Concrete production was carried out fully automatically via computer. If necessary, the system can be intercepted with the help of the mouse from the Scada screen. The system on the Scada program can be designed according to the official power plant features and type.

The BetoSistem SCADA Program is characterized by its fast and reliable operation as well as its ability to access retrospective production information in a statistical and detailed manner. All kinds of reports on the basis of detailed production, recipe, customer, carrier and material can be taken from computer screen or printer in detail. In addition, the report can be designed with a special reporting option if desired. Our Automation System assures a continuous and reliable operation as well as accurate and precise production with fully high quality equipment.
The program can be monitored remotely at any time. All records can be transferred to a designated PC continuously.