In 2004, our first company established by our company authorities in Ankara started to operate on Concrete Plants Automation Systems and Mechanical Manufacturing. Our company, which is in the field of continuous innovation and research with time, has started to export its products and machines in the foreign market and has started to expand its customer network by producing new products in line with the incoming demands and at the same time has achieved confidence and quality focused growth in the markets related to the sector. With this growth, in the last 5 years, it has reached 60 machine sales capacity in the foreign market.
           About 30 years of experience in the steel manufacturing sector, starting from Ostim in Ankara in 1989. Since 2004, working in the field of automation and solution-oriented and innovative working principles, the manufacturing of our products from the production of our personnel working in the sector until many years in the working life, meticulous work in production, this sector also carries our company to a different line.
            From project stage to manufacture; spare parts from our after-sales service, from sales to customer relations, every point of work with a unique principle has led our brand and our products to find a significant place  in the domestic and overseas market in a short time.
            We are currently working with our offices in Germany, GEORGIA and TURKMENISTAN, and via our partner company and dealership in RUSSIA, AZARBEYCAN, KAZAKHSTAN, KYRGYZSTAN, UZBEKISTAN, UKRAINE, HUNGARY, KENYA, TURKMENISTAN, ROMANIA, ALGERIA, UMMAN, KUVEYT AND GANA we have established our sales and marketing network.
          Our production; After our customer orders have been created, they are composed of five basic parts, Project Manufacturing Planning Phase, Welding Manufacturing, Machining, Painting and Automation System respectively.
        MUSTAM INC. In the production of the products, welded by fully certified welders, after the sandblasting, the process of painting is done with high efficiency and all kinds of concrete mixers, single or double shaft mixers designed for the desired quality and SIEMENS & SCHNEIDER is provided by the automation system created from the switchgear and installation materials.
With automation controllers specially designed for MUSTAM; a software provides all the features and equipment that can be requested in the concrete plants, by this way we have produced the best performance to our customers.
Our power plants, which have been manufactured and dispatched, are installed by our mechanical and automation system supervisors who are specialized in their fields. After the required tests and test productions are made, trainings are given to the relevant personnel in a smooth and flawless manner.
Concrete is the most basic building block and indispensable of the construction sector which has a large volume of world economy. For this reason, we are aware of the importance of the Concrete Plants we produce. For the satisfaction of our customers, we provide our product quality at the highest level, service and spare parts supply services with our fast solutions. MUSTAM INC. provides all necessary technical service and maintenance services to its customers 7/24.
  • The delivery time of the product varies depending on the country in which it will be. Under the contract, the product is prepared for delivery immediately after the signature of the contract. If the product is not in stock, it is transferred to the production line and ready for delivery within 15 days.
  • Our products can be customized by agreement.
  • The assembly and installation are done on site by our team of experts and this process is completed fast by a modular structure
  • If you have any questions, please contact us at or +903125023838.