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Online IT programs build the knowledge and skills required for tech careers. Learners take online courses in computer programming, information systems, and computer networking. In online programs, self-motivated students who take a proactive approach to learning tend to thrive. Information technology professionals protect private data, keep networks running, and improve computing systems. IT programs with online courses offer an accessible, convenient way to earn a bachelor’s in IT or pursue a graduate degree. The course prepares learners for the CompTIA A+ Core 1 certification exam.

information technology online courses

Over 8,000 students enroll in one of CSU’s nearly 100 academic programs each year. Start, switch, or advance your career with more than 5,800 courses, Professional Certificates, and degrees from world-class universities and companies. There are a wide variety of CompTIA certifications that can be a perfect addition to your résumé. Discover which CompTIA certifications you can get with your degree and how it can boost your career. The average entry-level salary in the US for IT professionals is $48,739, according to Glassdoor, as of September 2023 [3]. That number goes up with experience—the average salary for IT professionals across all seniority levels in the US is $110,765 [1].

Information Technology Manager Certifications

Back office professionals responsible for making everyday IT systems are built properly and operate smoothly include IT project managers, computer network architects, database administrators, network administrators. IT security specialists and information security analysts are responsible for creating and maintaining systems to protect the data of both companies and their customers. And IT help desk technicians and other computer support specialists are critical employees to manage relationships with customers. Drexel offers an array of electives, allowing students to tailor their program to their interests and goals.

Browse and compare our online IT degree programs to find the best fit for your needs. Information technology, commonly referred to as IT, is the use of electronic systems for sending, storing, processing, and retrieving data. IT is often considered to be synonymous with computer technology, software, and networks, but it also encompasses telephony technologies like smartphones.

Information Technology (IT) and Cloud Fundamentals

Courses can cover various niche topics including automotive technology, fintech, instructional design, vocal recording technology, and information technology. If you need more help, you’ll likely find a coding bootcamp to be a better choice. The biggest benefit is that you have an instructor if you need to ask for help. Bootcamps provides a structured curriculum and are designed to help you find a job in the IT field.

Use our calculator to estimate your full-time or part-time tuition fees for this program prior to any financial aid. Keep in mind that most of our students receive financial aid, which can reduce out-of-pocket costs. Earn the same Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity degree, but faster and for less tuition. If you have previous college credit or experience in the field, and are motivated to learn independently, try our self-paced ExcelTrack® option.

What to expect in an online IT degree program

We also highlight each program’s unique elements and provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision when it’s time to pick a school. Franklin’s MBA with a Specialization in Information Technology combines essential business management principles with fundamentals in database management, information security and project management. The applied nature of the Franklin’s accredited program prepares you to make broad managerial decisions, as well as those related to technology and data operations. During an IT degree, you’ll learn how to protect sensitive data, manage networks, and develop applications and websites. The degree prepares you for in-demand, high-paying information technology careers. Enrolling at Tarleton State University allows you to earn work experience and engage in undergraduate research while you earn your degree.

information technology online courses

The course also introduces skills in delivering multimedia presentations using professional verbal communication skills. This course covers tools and techniques employed in user interface design, including web and mobile applications. Concepts of clarity, usability, and detectability are included in this course, as well as other design elements such as color schemes, typography, and layout. Techniques like wireframing, usability testing, and SEO optimization are also covered. Web Development Foundations introduces students to web design and development using HTML, XML, and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), the foundational languages of the web.

  • Devmountain offers several coding bootcamps, including web development, Java software engineering, and Python software engineering.
  • Graduates go on to work in tech startups, health information systems and sustainability, among other fields.
  • At Simmons University, located in Boston, Massachusetts, students can pursue an online master of library and information science with a concentration in archives management.
  • However, most programs incorporate practical training into the education, which lets you apply your learning as you go.
  • IT is often considered to be synonymous with computer technology, software, and networks, but it also encompasses telephony technologies like smartphones.

Along with core and concentration courses, students may integrate a research project or an internship into the program, which IU encourages. Transfer credit awarded based on experiential learning shall not count toward the residence requirement at Franklin University. In this course, students will demonstrate their marketing competencies by developing marketing strategies and tactics for a live client, including market analysis, target marketing, branding, and message development.

information technology online courses

IT Applications introduces skills in identifying operating systems and their configurations and in implementing security principles across devices and networks. Learners will also gain skills in troubleshooting software, security, and malware issues, and in implementing basic operational procedures in documentation, change management, compliance, and communication. The course will introduce basic disaster recovery and business continuity procedures, scripting basics, and remote access technology solutions. The course prepares learners for the CompTIA A+ Core 2 certification exam. Popular topics include technical support fundamentals, network protocols and architecture, cybersecurity, database management, and cloud computing. At the University of Pittsburgh, students can pursue a master of library and information science online degree that holds American Library Association accreditation.

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